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Physical Education & PPA

During term time we work closely with schools to deliver PE coaching in a variety of sports.  Our team work alongside the National Curriculum to deliver specialist sessions to a variety of age groups not only working on sport specific skills but also teamwork, knowledge of warm ups and social skills.  We offer sessions in the morning and afternoon at a competitive rate.  We supply schools at the end of each term with detailed session plans so every school can see what the children have been learning.

Breakfast, lunch and after school provisions

During the school year we offer provisions before, during and after school in a variety of sports and creative arts.  These provisions run all year round in half term or termly blocks.  These are a fun way for children to learn more about sports they are interested in and improve their skills.  Each child will receive a certificate at the end of the block and also a chance to win one of two medals which are given out as prizes.  The discipline coached, the day its run on and the age groups its offered to is decided by the school and we would also keep the school informed of the progression made by the children throughout the year. 


Gifted & Talented Programs

We also offer schools G&T clubs for children who show above average ability in PE.  During these sesssions (which can be run during or after school) we would look to challenge the children to a higher level and improve their skills at a specifc sport or various sports.

Sports Days/Fete's

For every school we work in we always offer our services free of charge to help out with any school sports days and summer fete's.  Its one way of saying thank you to each of our schools for working with us during the school year.

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