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Welcome to the R&D Club Shop, here you can view all of the Coaching and Dance merchandise.

To purchase any of the merchandise click on the name of the item you would like or click the Club Shop button below.

R&D Coaching Personalised Hoody £20

These red coaching hoodies are perfect for your child to wear on one of our courses or when out and about! These are personalised to your child as their name will be printed on the back in bright white lettering!

Here is the back of the R&D Coaching hoodie!

R&D Dance Personalised Hoody £20

The newest addition to the neon dance range is here! These hoodies are fully customisable as you can add your child's name to the back of the hoody in any colour neon they like!

Here is the back of the personalised hoody with neon pink lettering.

R&D Dance Neon T-Shirt £10

These stunning glow in the dark full length dance t-shirts are perfect for your child to wear whilst busting some moves on the dance floor!

R&D Coaching T Shirt    £10

These exclusive red T Shirts are perfect for use on all of our sport or dance courses!

The T Shirts are available in the following sizes:

Age 5-6

Age 7-8

Age 9-11

Age 12-13

R&D Coaching Water Bottle with Chiller Sleeve    £6

The R&D water bottle is great for keeping your child hydrated during our sessions!

R&D Coaching Black Face Masks £6


These come with free P&P and are available in children's and adults sizes as well as coming in R&D Coaching or R&D Dance writing

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